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Research activities

My main research line is currently the quantitative study of libre (free, open source) software development. My activities in that area ar included in those of the LibreSoft group (in its web site you can find detailed information about them).

Some of the papers related to my research on libre software engineering (open source, free ssoftware engineering) are available in my page on texts, presentations and publications on libre software engineering.

Teaching duties

In case you are looking for matters related to my teaching or research duties, have a look at the GSyC site, or to the pages of the courses I'm teaching (only in Spanish, sorry):

Tution hours: Tuesday 10:00-14:00, room 109, Departamental II building, Mostoles Campus.


Other web sites

In case you are interested in other jgb's pages:

Teaching duties in past academic years

Maybe you'll enjoy reading "The Dignified Professor", a short fragment from a book by Richard Feynman, as I did.

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona

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